Black Lives Matter, what this movement means to me …

My uncle and momma at ages 2 and 4 years of age

The movement for “black lives-matter” means very little to me. I say this with great sadness. As an African American Woman, born in Chicago, Illinois, a teenage mom, high school dropout and a statistic for the welfare system and failure in the eyes of those who only read these first few lines. Today – I am a College graduate from one of the most prestigious women’s colleges in Columbia South Carolina. A graduate with a Bachelorette degree in Corporate and Organizational Communications and 4.0 GPA with a Minor- in Political Science. Since my graduation in May, 2014, my goal was to go on and pursue an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. I will soon be going into my third semester at a private academic institution; in the hopes to graduate and receive my Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. So, how does my “black life” read to you now? Which bring me to these two questions for myself; Do I matter and why?

The answer to the first question, do I matter? My answer is hell yes I matter. I not only matter in the eyes of my mother, her mother and our great, great ancestors, I matter in the eyes of my beautifully and uniquely created talented, hardworking and God fearing daughters. You see. I realize that I come from strength! I use to fight that mantra. Today, I am thankful for that strength, that fortitude that is embedded deeply in my DNA. As I look back over my life, I realize, those who suffer the most will receive a higher reward that no man can take. Education is the key to every success! I am the first in my immediate family to receive a Bachelorette degree and many ways, a small feat which says to me, we still have a – way’s to go. But, such a great feat for me. A teenage mother with no real prospects in attaining a good job and a piece of the “American Pie.” Just like so many millions of black, African American, Negro and colored people. And by the way, no matter how often [you] change our status on [our] birth certificates, [they] can never change who we are as a powerful people. Instead, the law is set to keep us bound, and having to work twice as hard as our white counterparts. I don’t know if this is a white thing or just a Whiteman’s thing. All I know, I am not advocating or perpetuating racism. I am simply pointing out the fact that, I matter. My fellow sisters and brothers, we matter! And through education along with fortitude, strength and desire to grow in love, in knowledge and willingness to go further in the corporate world, both public and private sectors, rather it being the food chain, retail, industrial, technological or the healthcare system; together, we can all exist in a place where everyone life counts. As for the movement, “Black lives matter.” I am an advocate for this movement. I am also an advocate for mothers against drunk drivers, gun control, PETA, and every notion that put the ‘under-dog’ in a better position for truth, freedom and the American Way. My second question, why?

As a mother, a daughter, sister, student and a friend, I would just add another accolade to my repertoire. I am someone’s wife. Personally, I prefer, “A child of the most high!” this accolade above all, encapsulates the entire body, spirit and soul for all that is right in the world. We all have a purpose on this earth, and not all of us will become a Daniel Hale Williams, George Washington Carver, Mae Jamison, Michael Jordan, or Leontine Price but we can come pretty damn close. My goal- to go into the ever confusing, ever changing area of healthcare reform and make a substantial difference in a small way. I don’t ask for much however, in accordance to the New Living Translation – Luke 12:48, “But someone who does not know, and then does something wrong, will be punished only lightly. When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” I take my place in this Universe, as a woman, an African American Woman, who believe, Black Lives Matter. Just look at all “We” have contributed to this great country, and to the world. When I look back on my life, it was ‘He’ who saved me and in-turn entrusted me, to take care of two beautiful little girls, who now, has a family of their own. I’m truly grateful for their greatness. “Black lives matter is more than movement, this is real life!  Now, it’s my turn, to take my place, this is why – Black lives matter.

One more thought, I am truly grateful and equally blessed for my great grandparents whom each had a journey that took them from their original home. My grandfather, who found his way to America traveling thousands of miles from a little town in Mexico. A medium build of a man with an olive colored complexion. Striking to look at, even in the winter of his life. I loved him so much. The other great love in my life – A very loving, attentive and strong willed and equally beautiful great grandmother. She – herself, a striking woman with grey eyes. Their beautiful lives would cross and many years and generations later; my brothers, sister and I would be born. I think of their lives and limited education. But, the love they shared was immeasurable. I think to myself, thank God for these people and thank God for my life. I say to them, I did it, I got my degree. Without a test, there is no testimony… Black and Brown lives matter!



What is the Hoopla about this Maca …

What  in the world is Peruvian and why Maca?

I have always felt like there was something missing in my life. Perhaps it has been you, my Peruvian wonder. Your effects on others has drawn me closer to you and because of that, I’ve been in search of something just like you. During my lows and darkest moments, I have reached for other remedies when all the time it has been only you that can cure those woes of mine. Today, I’m screaming, clamoring and wanting more of you! I wish I can take you, bottle you up and sip you when I need that energy. I want to take 2 to 3 spoonful’s and drop you into one of my most favorite baked goods like a chocolate brownie, and turtle cheesecake. I’m into sprinkling you over fresh fruit and veggies too. Yes, my Peruvian Maca and now that I have found you, I shall never let you go!

I bet you (all) was thinking something with a sexual connotation attached to these words in how I want to drink and eat the many concoctions that Maca can be prepared with. And, to be honest, isn’t that what food does? It gives us a sense of pleasure beyond belief and mind-blowing affects if eaten in the right dish at the perfect time early in the morning or late at night! You might ask, what in the world is Peruvian Maca and how can [I] get me some of this? Well, I’m here, only as a witness to expound on its benefits and share where [you] might get some of this good ‘stuff’ from. According to this website,, “Maca root is known for its stamina, energy, and libido enhancing properties. The Incans considered Maca such a potent energy source that its use was restricted to Royalty and warriors. Today, the residents of Peru enjoy the benefits of this superfood, and it is gaining popularity outside of Peru as people experience the endurance-enhancing properties themselves.” I am in no way Royalty nor am I a warrior however, I am a witness to the benefits of Maca and felt compelled to blog about the goodness and wellbeing by this natural plant. Just ask my husband.

As a blogger it is my responsibility to share information about things that many or maybe few have heard. As a foodie I have found not only can I bake delicious foods I can also add this great benefit, Maca to my diet and still feel like I’ve provided a natural source of energy, vitality and health and when time for bed I fall asleep, just like a baby.

Just for the record ~ I am in no way promoting products as if a walking billboard or commercial but, a source of information. It is my duty and my pleasure to pass on information and in turn receive feedback.

Thanks for reading and for those who know the benefits of Maca … don’t you just love it

Happy 2015, the year of Forgiveness …

B&W photo with me at Rioz 1.1.15

Happy 2015, just think, seven months ago, May 3, 2014, I graduated and received my BA degree in Corporate and Organizational Communications with a Minor in Political Science. My now Alma mater, one of South Carolinas’ more prestigious colleges for women, since 1854. So proud I am and will always be! However, some of my experiences were NOT the greatest nor favorable for me as a non-traditional student. You see, as a non-traditional student, attending a Liberal Arts College, the attitudes and a willingness to lend our voices to various issues that plague our nation was and will always be right up my alley! To lend my voice to such causes like health care, abortion rights children, the elderly and women’s rights are (all) my passion in life! As the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in his speech, from the Birmingham jail, April 16, 1963, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.”  My light was nearly dimmed forever but, after a few months of soul searching, I decided to regain my rights as a student, woman, sister, mother, wife and child of God! And continuing my Blog is only the beginning. I will reignite my light!

In the weeks to come I’ll be back in the classroom, taking my education yet to another plateau. My MBA in Health Administration. And yes, I am so proud of the prospects and looking forward to all my blessing bestowed upon my life and the lives of those near and dear to my heart. As for those (of you) who tried to dim my light, I pity you and the selfish acts occurred while a student at this beautiful (quant) College who afforded me the pride and a self-confidence a College Student. I do not believe, this self-awareness could have occurred anywhere else. An intimate College is just what I searched for and found in my quest for knowledge. The professors who made an impact on my life in positive ways, I thank you (all). As for the few, “and you know who you are.” in the most compassionate voice, “I pity and forgive you!” I know now, in order to forgive others I must first forgive myself. Today, I forgive me!

Forgiveness is the fortitude in which I look to move forward in my life, attain my Master’s degree, from a University established in 1899; continue to travel the world, smile even when the sun isn’t shining. Forgiveness, has afforded me a unique opportunity to share knowledge every chance I get  and has taught me to never judge others by the color of their skin, the contour of their bodies, nor the age on their birth certificates. We (all) children of the most high, we all seek validation, love and sense of belonging. Forgiveness, it continues to catapult me into the woman, sister, mother, wife and child of God, “he” has always planned my life to be – with greatness! And, with all that said, I forgive and I let go of all the hurts, disappointments and misunderstanding I endured while a student at that little small but prestigious College in South Carolina.

Today, I love my life even more than ever before; lessons learned and lessons taught and today, I know through educating myself, in turn, I educate others without any preconceived notions, and expectations.

Yes, a lesson was indeed learned, and that lesson is this; NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE OR SOMETHING PREVENT ME FROM REACHING MY FULLEST POTENTIAL! I urge you (all) to let go and let love.  A cliché that has saved my sanity. It’s funny how disappointing situations can turn life around for the better, we can either choose to wallow in it or learn from it!

I am back stronger than ever before, I’m looking forward to blogging on everything! And just like my life, these blogs will be limitless!

Thanks – Haters!!!

“Our Deepest Fear” By Marianne Williamson

“Our Deepest Fear” By Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


I was first introduced to her words through the movie, “The Great Debaters” a 2007 American biopic period drama film directed by and starring Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah Winfrey and her production company, Harpo Productions. It is based on an article written about the Wiley College debate team by Tony Scherman for the 1997 spring issue of American Legacy. [1]


The film co-stars Forest Whitaker, Kimberly Elise, Nate Parker, Denzel Whitaker, Gina Ravera, Jermaine Williams and Jurnee Smollett. The screenplay was written by Robert Eisele. The film was released in theaters on December 25, 2007oduced to this poem through the movie, “The Great debaters”


This poem, “Our deepest fear” written by Marianne Williamson has inspired me on levels even I thought could never be, but it was and is what I need, crave and  yearned long before I knew it was a possibility to have my light – shine.

#Love #Light #Verity


Donald Sterling and his girlfriend

Just in case (you) didn’t read my blog on this past Sunday, I posted (my thoughts) on the racist remarks made by Donald Sterling…
Today, it is indeed, a sad day in NBA history an announcement by Commissioner, Adam Silver against LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. In press releases, Silver said, “He (Sterling) is banned for life and fined 2.5 million dollars, the maximum amount allowed.” This decision (in my opinion) a swift decision handed down, today, April 29, 2014. Once the racist comments became public only this past Saturday when an audio of Sterling to his girlfriend hit the media, everyone from Mark Cuban (owner of Dallas Mavericks) to Shaquille O’Neal (ex-NBA player, current NBA announcer). Chris Paul, spokesman for The LA Clippers and the other twenty-nine organizations stood in solidarity with complete agreement, there is no place in this league for racism! The players association asked Kevin Johnson to be ‘their’ voice and wanted to see three things occur. Kevin Johnson echoed the three things the teams had wanted. 1) Immediate actions 2) Player’s voice has to be heard – collective voice and 3) Maximum punishments (handed out) through the NBA by-laws. And indeed is just what has occurred; swift, immediate actions. Well, what’s the big idea many people might ask? Well first, in case [you] live on another planet, this top story has been swelling ever since the audio of Sterling’s comments to his girlfriend hit the waves. Let me just say, it is never okay for people to have these bigoted conversations especially in the NBA case and when more than 80% of the league is African American.

Donald Sterling said on audio recording, making racist remarks to his girlfriend who herself is of mixed heritage (Black and Mexican). Sterling said, “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” (3:30) — “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.” (5:15) — “I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagram’s, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.” (7:45) — “…Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.” (9:13)

Read more:
I said in a previous blog, it does not matter how much power [you] think you may have and that, above all, R E S P E C T is due to everyone! But, more importantly, rather it is the NBA or Educational facilities, we each have a responsibility that we owe to each other. Now I am more than sure that Mr. Sterling (in hind-sight) would never, ever have said those ugly words had he’d known this audio would have come to light. The scariest part about this man’s actions have hurt millions and have cost pain in the lives for so many who looks up to him. So what will be his legacy and has all this changed?

The answer is No!!! Until we inherently stop accepting the jokes, stop accepting the passive aggressive actions and stop those who think, just because there is a dominance in a particular culture does not make you, me, him, or her the dominant! In other words, the moment you think you are above the law, you will indeed get ‘yo’ ass handed right back to you! The statements Donald Sterling made to his girlfriend was, not to bring any black people to his games. Today, he – himself has been banned by the commissioner, Adam Sterling, to never be able to attend any games, conferences, no decision makers what so ever as it pertain to the NBA. So, in essence, Mr. Sterling put the proverbial nail in his own coffin. Be careful what you say today because it will affect your tomorrow and remember this, someone is always listening and watching you no matter where you are or what you are doing.
#Eyes Everywhere
#Bravo Adam Silver, you got this one right!

The Vestiges of the past once again rears its ugly head

President Barack Obama, America’s first African American President while visiting Malaysia, during a summit meeting had these words to say, “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything. You just let them talk. That’s what happened here.” The President goes on to say, “It is incredibly offensive” and “That’s still there, the vestiges of discrimination. We’ve made enormous strides, but you’re going to continue to see this percolate up every so often.” The concerns are spoken after, as it pertains to LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. According to Sterling said, to his girlfriend, “[I] don’t want [you] to bring no blacks to my games (Sterling goes on to say, this caught on audio)…”You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in; you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.” (5:15). Sterling’s young girlfriend, herself, is Black and Mexican descent.
Read more:
In this day and age, one would think that racism is a thing of the past. But, every now and again it rears its ugly head, and before you know it, everything we as a society have worked for, it seems to send us ten steps back! I don’t like the word racist, and I definitely do not want the act of racism shoved down my throat when engaging in places that (all) people come together; be it sports or education. When people are placed in power, they have to remember that their voices are valid and what they say to someone or about someone carries weight and will ultimately show their ‘true’ character be it good or bad.
Just because one is in power does not make them powerful it only makes them more of a target for all to see just who they are and how they roll! In other words, each of us carry a level of responsibility that we owe to our fellow man and woman and anytime you say something that you don’t like, thinking that it won’t get back to those that are really in charge then you face the chances of getting your asses handed to you! America, rooted in racism, prejudice ideology; in my African American history, here in America, African and Indian descent, lynched, killed and murdered simply, because [they] wanted to be equal, no more and no less. Murderous acts only because of the color of a man’s skin and blatant racism of all sorts, many still have to contend with be it gay, straight, black, white, woman or child.
By the year2050, the dominant culture (as people like to reference) here in America, will cease as we know it! But, what will happen to the legacy of the dominant culture continues to be seen. (I’m sure I will be long dead by the time real truth comes out).However, while I am living in this day and age, and know all that I know, and, continue to surround myself with powerful forces in my circle – as an African American Mother, Wife, Student, Friend, Daughter and child of the highest! I will never accept the innuendos of racism nor will I ever accept the overtness or disdain someone or something hold for me or anyone. I know who I am, and I know what I bring to the proverbial table and for all those who read this blog, the only thing I have to say, “I have my eyes on you” and “I see you for who you are!” In the same vein, if you are of good character, this does not pertain to you; my love for my fellow man and woman supersede any words written here, my Great grandmother, a remarkable woman.
My Great grandmother, the closest living relative who could give full account at to how it was in yesteryear, picking cotton, sleeping on dirt floors and having thirteen family members live in one / two room out in the back from the “big” house. This woman, she managed to move her family north and marry my great grandfather, a tall strapping olive skin color, Mexican man and together, they grew their family and I am the product of what is to come, strong, proud and highly favored woman of color! But more than this, my great grandmother, she loved everyone, she did not allow racism to ‘taint’ her fate instead, she showered love on everyone she knew and knew her. This is what I am made of and I will never stop receiving good people in my life, despite the color of their skin or where they come from, it is truly, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said in his, “I have a dream speech” – “it is not the color of their skin but the content of their character!”
#Colorless character

Reading to Write

Thank you for your blog, I agree, in order to be able to write well, one must be well versed in varying writing styles. As a college student, I am completely in gulped, in the learning of various subjects. But, the one thing I must say, by far, those who have higher education are primarily more in tune with reading, writing, and academic strength. I have known of the writer rather he/she wrote their own book or in fact an editor who wrote the book for them; and, without higher education, how can one possibly understand or know to do such fantastic feats like writing. Education is indeed the key to all success. Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power” I am inclined to believe just this! How else can you count your ‘pennies’ if you do not have the knowledge to do so??? On the other hand, when I think of a writer, I think of beautiful Maya Angelou. The first book I ever read in its entirety, “Heart of a Woman.” I have been in love with books since I was a little girl; I love the look of the book, the smell and style of books and all the millions of stories I wish I could read everything!!!.
When I think about style, tone or structure, I always think about Maya Angelo. Perhaps it is because this beautiful woman of color, indeed has been around during one of the most important and historic times in American history, civil rights. Maya Angelo and her life had to have been rough, hard and completely relegated to a position of inferiority. Her life told so eloquently and lively as well as spirited and without any apology. Her words, outside of many of her own reading, I would argue comes directly from her experience and many experience of others (including the pain of) the Black man. I draw inner strength from women like Zora Hurston, Angela Davis and of course, Maya Angelou. My strength lies within the words, pages and compounds of Black male writers too i.e. Langston Hughes, Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. DuBois. Before I reach outward, I must first draw power from the inside out. I am truly thankful for the written word and books.

Quoth The Wordsmith

663092_26111643 You’ll often hear that in order to write, you need to read. Many prominent authors stick by it and advise aspiring writers to make a practice of always having a piece of literature on the go. It’s good advice, as long as you know that if you are reading to write, you need to look at the writing that you are reading differently. Here’s how I do it:

-Accept and note the areas that you have trouble with, whether they include dialogue, structure, characterization, setting, etc. Know and embrace the fact that you have room to improve.

-Pick a story or a book (or a few!) that really made an impression on you in terms of style, tone, and connection. It should be something that you don’t mind reading again, and that you would give a glowing review.

-Read the story slowly. Take your time. Figure out how that story…

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The difference between my stream and your stream


who are you, not what are you ...
who are you, not what are you …

The difference between my stream and your stream

Watching (internet) Media in Real Time …

I found this website [] featuring Steve Malzberg, after class today. Another conservative website with seemingly ‘REAL’ political outlook on issues happening here in America and abroad. However, this website while streaming live, gives (little) insight from both sides of the proverbial spectrum – extreme left or hardcore right. On the other end, the commercials (hilarious) (1) in particular, “The Obama Survival Guide to finding ‘loopholes’ on Healthcare” and for “Seniors & Baby boomers” (how to get more money in your SS benefits) wow! Is this the new – news & advertising or just an extension of more “focused” media play?  A paradox indeed. But, I dare not attempt to define what is and is not media and advertisements as a continuum of the developing internet. My only effort in understanding what live streaming is, as it pertains to the internet is go with the ever evolving flows of world wide web (internet), people and their thoughts and the economically advantage versus disadvantage changes happening globally. Our reading Media Now, figure 11.1 shows how advertising works, it says, “Advertising pay commissions to companies to create ads and then review their work, and advertising agencies buy time on media and place ads according to rating’s data, the media reach the public with the Ad, and they buy the advertiser’s product (or not).  Consumer purchases resulting from the ads finance the next round of ad buys” (pg. 326). This sophisticated technique, by far, a way to prey on those who seek-out likeminded thinkers and believers and therefore preserve capitalistic ideologies.

Now, I am happy to have known cursive writing, VHS – movies, record players and all the little gadgets that didn’t’ evolve from its initial creation (or did it). And for this, I do not feel cheated, I feel like I have the advantage on future generation(s) growing in purely technological era. As a rite of passage, I think, here in America, children should be re-introduced to cursive writing, for it is indeed a dying art; as well as integrating the internet; [t]hey should also learn how to count on ‘their’ fingers as well as use paper and pencils to get their final mathematical answers and then become introduced to the calculator. In the end, as parents, caregivers, teachers and mentors we need to empower ‘our’ future with “old school” gadgets just in case, technology fells. I bet, in twenty years, things will be so much different from now. Highways, the way we talk on telephones and how people perceive one another. And if I am lucky, I’ll be there to see it and say, “I told you so”!


One more thought occurred to me; the narrow viewing of live streaming shows (in my opinion) only perpetuate an already divided nation. In reality, the hegemony of ‘Western’ culture defines as well as separate those who are in charge and who are not in charge. And for the record, I do not see the “Big Boys” giving up any power, anytime soon.

#who knew …

Am I Good Enough?

Thank you PDXX for keeping it real with yourself as well those (like me) who happened upon your blog.
I was thinking the same thing, just the other night. I think, now what will I do with all of my talent, hard work, good grades and 4.0 GPA in Political Science. What will this degree afford me once i have walked across that stage, received my diploma as my family, sitting in the audience cheering, my mother, filled with glee. My husband equally happy as well, relieved, no (more) late all-nighters.
I have a lot riding on this, I am first generation, College graduate.
I’m afraid and yet I am excited with what this new “higher learning” degree will and very well, afford me. My question to myself, (as in your blog) Am I good enough? And, without a second thought, I say, hell yes! I am good enough. As an African American woman, I knew no fears because, as a child, I was taught never to fear despite what a dominant culture may dictate. Instead, look to the heavens and just keep moving straight ahead.
in the end (if we are lucky) our words will soon move into actions of persistence, A ‘go getter’ mentality, and take no prisoner’s stance, but more important, “our” words, which soothes us in the deepest parts of the night, when all is asleep and yes, you, me and millions of people who have the deep burning desire to do something beyond ourselves. Saying to ourselves, “it’s going to be all right, no matter how the outside looks, it will be just fine”. As for me, the answer, I am good enough, in fact, I am great enough!


Am I Good Enough

I was speaking at a local high school about writing. Afterward, a girl came up to me with a notebook of handwritten poems. She showed them to me shyly and asked,

“Are they good enough?”

I didn’t need to read them to know that they were good enough. She was fifteen. She had a dream. While her friends were playing violent video games and getting pregnant, she was writing poetry. That’s good enough for me.

“They are wonderful,” I said.

I am not sure we were talking about the same thing.

It’s a big question for a writer: am I good enough?

Am I good enough to get published? To get reviewed? To win an award? To make money? To come out in hardcover? To move people to tears? To win the respect of my older brother who said I would never make it?

I advise English majors. Every so…

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My hair is not who I am

Beautiful women of color


Attached: A You Tube video/news clip: “Black Women Need to Stop Perming their Hair”
Ladies, (and gents) This heading, In your face with no cut but straight to the point on how women, especially Black Women need and should stop perming their hair. The idea of perming or straightening their hair, an idea into what is considered ‘beauty.’ The Long, straight hair and women, especially black women have bought into this idea that the straighter the hair the better the look, however, in a recent story, News Channel 5, reporting, Jim Sackett and Kelly Dunn, along with Richelle Richie. A 9 billion dollar industry (Black) women are now, slowly but surely, trading those weaves, perms, and relaxers into a more natural and sophisticated look that does not put unnecessary stresses on those tightly curled strands.
But more than their hair, mothers of young (African American) daughters, for one mother in particular, she cut off her once processed hair to reflect a more positive image for her daughter, Giovanna. Now, since her transformation, her daughter says, “I love my mommy’s hair, she looks just like me.” Giovanna’s’ mother said, she did it for her daughter so she wouldn’t grow up feeling insecure and ‘not’ pretty.
A 2010 People Magazine article, One Poll, gathered information from over 3,000 female Brits and the results showed that they spent an average of over 26,000 pounds (or about $42,000) throughout their lives, one-third of the women they polled feel they’re spending too much on their locks and plan to cut back. But there are benefits to a good cut says many British women. The same article previews America’s darling, Kate Gosselin, star of the reality show, (Kate plus 8) says, Kate Gosselin seems to think so, the article also says, “Remember that $7000 follicle makeover she got earlier this year (2010)? Five more of those and she’s spent more than we do on hair care in lifetime. What does this say about our society and world?
Our reading, Media Now says, Today, advertisers choose from a wide array of media – from ads delivered to smartphones to movie trailers on DVD’s, this phenomenon known as integrated marketing communication (IMC) which encourages the use of virtually all communication channels available to the advertiser (pg. 317). With all the ads and commercials on television, radio, smartphones, laptops and every piece of technology rather, electronic or print, a constant streaming of various and subliminal messages, there is no wonder so much consumerism happening here in America and abroad. The big scheme of things, “you are not, “up to standard” until [you have this product” ideology.
As for myself, a woman of color, I can wear my hair curly, straight, in an up-do a corn-rolls depending on my mood but, what about those who feel they quote need to straighten (perm) their hair? As for African American women who (are now) choosing to go the natural route, I say, Kudos to you